I felt like Dad held me in contempt for it. Fango puts his bare foot on the table, and don Orco remarks that he got some bug bites. He asks if he likes it. Smiling, Ganzo turns to Strega and says that they'd better get searching too. Lacrima doesn't understand and Fango uses this as an oppertunity to quickly move a knife in front of her neck. The three stop and look up. Angelo smiles and looks up. On their way, Ganzo stands kneeled over. Del Toro completely ignores him. At Fango's mansion, Tigre and Nero sit in a room together. Ronald stands and is about to try and punch him again when Vanno pulls him back. He says that there is no Chicago booze that can top Lawless Heaven. Angelo, speaking for the first time, corrects him that it's actually three weeks. Gianni says that Ganzo might kill him before he does. Le 22 août 2016 à 21:11:37 akaziel67 a écrit :Le - page 9 - Topic [Drame][Thriller] 91 Days du 08-07-2016 21:32:35 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com Strega looks down at his body and asks what is going on. Luckily, his daughter was looking for her teddy bear and the two hadn't yet entered the car. Fango smiles and says that he must want a reward as he wipes his face. Nero calls out to him and runs over. He also says that it's too late now for regrets. Angelo is a young man with a thin build. Tigre asks about the don and Ganzo replies that he can't get inside without the key. Gatto asks if he means at the Vanetti Mansion. Fango asks if he has a better idea. Nero grabs the next bottle and begins drinking. Fango agrees that rules are important and says that that's why he's there. るんだアイスクリームだ。スティック付きの。好きな理? Since fighting there, he's served under Vince. Barbero interrupts him, calling him "uncle" and then nods and apologizes. Vanno laughs at Barbero's reaction and says that he hasn't seen that look on his face in ages. He brings the hot cup over to Frare and says that, with that, he'll be better. Angelo continues that Vincent Vanetti killed his father. The two jump out as Mad Mack throws people around him as the two run down the street. The man curses at him as he rides along on his wagon. 甘くて冷たいからだ。, As a made member of the Vanetti crime family, the lowest possible rank for a made man of the mafia is soldato. He offers the cocoa to him, but he doesn't look up from the blanket. Nero begins to question him, but Corteo tells him to just do it. As he gets closer, Angelo throws his knife at him, but it flies past him and into the wall. Orco says that he wished he'd killed him. He finds a can of Royal sliced pineapple and asks what it is. Fango watches Corvo intently and asks what's wrong. Nero walks in and asks what's wrong. Nervous, Corteo says that Avilio said that Nero wasn't the sort of person to let a friend die. The shooting eventually leads to one of the Galassia cars exploding. As Ganzo begins to sign it, Avilio asks if he was there that day. Nero is angered by this and grabs Angelo's collar. Corteo looks embarrassed and thanks her for everything. He pulls his gun out and aims it at them, but doesn't pull the trigger. Smiling with a bandage over his arm, Volpe tells him not to force it. 1.4k. Don Galassia and his underboss, Straga both agreed. Nero asks where Tigre is, and Volpe answers that he's having a drink with Frate. Fango gets on top of him and asks if he's with Nero. Back at their camp, Avilio tries to juggle but can't. Barbero smiles and asks if they can talk in private. Smiling, Nero asks what's wrong, asking if he doesn't get to eat it then. Orco walks forward and takes the glass. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Avilio tells him that Nero will die soon if he keeps it up, since he's planning on working things out with Ronald. Angelo says that he scrambled off like a stray cat. He drops one and it rolls to Avilio's feet. Nero steps to get but his pants sag, causing him to trip on them. Angelo says pours Orco and Corvo a glass. Avilio asks if they'd found any trace of Corteo. Smiling, he makes his way to the counter. Nero thinks back to seven years ago, when he went to the Lagusa house with his family. After a few blows, the two are both out of breath and Tigre says that he'll call Nero and Ganzo. Still smiling, Vince tells him not to hide it; he knows he's on his way out. Nero greets him and they have some playful banter. Barbero says that he vetted them before inviting them. Vanno and he both turn to look at Angelo and Corteo as Angelo puts his briefcase on the desk. Angelo driving and Nero in the front. As he takes it, he says that it might not be long before he kills him, either. Nero runs out and tells him to get in first. Smiling, Nero says that he'd happy to try it, then. Suddenly, Fango sharply leans into Corvo and asks what dish Orco was most obsessed with perfecting. Helping keep the reporters back, Angelo looks over his shoulder at the two. Don't worry. Nero pulls out a gun and pushes it into Angelo's forehead, as he breathes heavily in anger. You're dead, as far as he knows. Ganzo is annoyed, saying that he didn't come to talk to him. Angelo begins to speak, but Corteo interups him by asking if he's going back to Lawless. He bends down and goes to touch it. However, in episode 10, he is shown without his glasses and his hair slicked down and wavy, down to his chin. Nero notes that he's too trusting. Angelo Lagusa je hlavní protagonista 91 dnů. Orco says that he can't trust him. Corteo stands behind him. Fango says that he likes it and that he's getting chills all over. He pulls the sack off his head, revealing it to be Angelo. Angelo ignores him so Barbero begins striking him. Suddenly, Fango raises his gun at them and shouts that he'd never be able to forgive him as he points the gun at Angelo. The man comes back to open the door and lets them both in. He is surprised how much he likes it and downs the rest. Fango says he should speak up sooner as he pushes Corteo towards Serpente. Ganzo looks at his body unemotionally and says that he guesses it's all over. His men look around uncomfortably. In exchange, they protect them. Outside of Cerotto's Bar, Serpente tells Tigre that if word of Serpente's body gets out, it's going to cause a lot of trouble. Nero says that he remembers Strega going to Ronald's funeral. Ganzo is angered by this. Vincent crawls over to Galassia's body and yells for someone to call a doctor. Avilio says that he's never seen him speak. He pours it into a cup and then adds the alcohol. Barbero asks if he's drunk, even if he could beat the Orcos, the Galassias, but Vanno cuts him off and says that they won't know it they don't try. It's the one door without an outside knob, so it's set up so that you can't get in from the outside without a key. Vanno scolds the two for "fooling around," but they ignore him and Corteo tells them to throw something and then run for the exit. He asks Frate if he's sure he can trust Orco. He says, because of that, he didn't end up filled with holes and thanks him. He wants to know why Nero didn't stop their marriage, and Nero says that it was her decision. The man says that it's a bit dangerous. Tigre says that they came out. Read at your own risk. Angelo turns back ahead of him, not looking mad. He says that Fango seems to have committed his face to memory, he doesn't want to run into him again. Barbero says that Fango has no reason to take them in anyway. Outside, Ganzo asks Nero to return home. He says that they need funds first, so if they have the booze, but Nero cuts him off and smiles, saying that they'll kill him. Nero remembers when they buried their mother. Barbero saus that the don requested his presence. He asks if he thinks it's poisoned or something. As Avilio walks to Corteo's apartment, we see that the Vanetti men are all out looking for him. It seems that someone is watching him from across the street (Who wears similar clothes to Cerotto). On the side of the road, a Mexican man tries to hitch a ride from the pair but they drive right past him, soaking him and his dog. Nero walks up to the bartender and offers that he should buy from Fango. Corteo thanks Avilio for before. Vince tells her to listen carefully, and says that he would never forget about them as long as he lives. Granchio tells Nero not to get so mad. Angelo exhales his cigarette and says that he has it backwards; if he abandons his revenge, he loses his reason for living. He runs out of the store in disbelief, but the clerk assumes he's stealing so he punches him out. Nero asks if he means Del Toro. He looks down at Angelo with a blank expression. Frate is horrified at the incident. At Avilio's apartment, he is awoken by the ringing of his phone. Mad Mack's dog begins barking at Nick as he pats down Mad Mack. Ronald says that he has one other request for his "father"; he says that Nero needs to die. Nero tells his father that he wants Barbero to serve as a family executive from now on. Barbero says that it doesn't matter if he does, because now Fango thinks he does so he wont attack him. A sad understand washes over Corteo's face as Angelo flicks his cigarette into the water. Cerotto says that the room behind is the room and suggests that they go get it out. Elena calls the three boys, and they look at one another, grinning. Ronald asks if insulting each other is a sign of a close-knit family. Barbero doesn't seem happy with this answer, but Tigre happily asks how it was over there. Angelo replies that he and Luce are like his brothers. Testa calls out to his wife. Avilio looks up, but his face is covered by a scarf and a toque, and says that his friend lives there. He looks at a picture of a young Nero and Frate. Luce calls that he's first as he jumps into Elena’s arms with a broad smile. Barbero tells Nero that more and more bars are passing on buying their liquor. After that, a car pulls up in front of them and Fio gets out of the car. The button falls of Angelo's shirt before Barbero stops him and Nero tosses him back. Corvo yells that he can't listen to him, but Orco tells him to shut up. Angry, he gets out of his car and walks towards him. He turns around and looks in the mirror, only to see Avilio pointing a gun wrapped in his scarf. Ganzo looks over to an empty table beside them and asks what he's talking about. Luce finds a berry and asks if it's poisonous. In present time, Nero sits against a tree staring at the dying fire. Testa found that out, so he killed him and his family. Back at the Vanetti mansion, Nero. As a result, he harbors a deep grudge. Suddenly, the clock strikes nine pm. Corteo stares at them as well with a blank expression on his face. Smiling, Nero sits down facing Nero in the bench beside him. Avilio slowly pushes the knife into Fango's throat and blood begins to trickle out. Fango says that they'll kill Nero next time and then the Vanettis will be through. Corteo sits outside in the passenger seat of the car. Sa cible ? Angelo says that he wants Corteo and that once he's safe, he'd come back. He asks what's wrong, calling him "Caesar," and says that he looked much bolder when he was "casting the die." 1.4k votes, 545 comments. Nero refuses this, and tells him to keep rolling it out. She says that is if he makes it out alive before squeezing it. Coreto confirms this. They look at Serpente's body and he asks Angelo if he's the one who killed Vanno. Tigre says that Barbero said not to call Nero. Vanno tries to stand up and is almost shot. He says that he'll do it himself if he has to. Nero says that that isn't so at all and says that he's so hungry, he can't think. Avilio asks what he should do about her. Angelo really enjoys it and Corteo smiles at him. Smiling, Fango says that someone tried to run a hit on him the night before. Corteo says that Avilio is looking for him because Nero ordered him to kill him. This shocks everyone and horrifies Angelo. Angelo says that there's nothing Corteo can do about it and Luce accepts this. He says to think of it as an appetizer; they're made from fine Italian cows. Strega says that he doesn't have to know, as he's "gone soft, though and through. Vince, Nero, and Galassia sit together in their booth when Nero notices Ganzo talking to Tigre at the door as Strega continues watching the show. This is ignored by Delphy and he says that "The power struggle between the two families is endangering public order in the city." He sadly asks why he didn't just kill him too. Barbero quickly stands between them and says that they're keeping it withing the family, but he's staying indoors on his doctor's recommendation. Barbero says to change the bandage as he tosses a bag at Volpe. He says that he now has everything. Angelo finally looks up and smiles at him. Fango asks who Corteo is then, and Avilio says he doesn't know. たまぶたのxをじっと見るんだ。そうすると、いつのxにか Avilio is taken back. Ganzo says that he had a feeling about Carmelo from the start. He points his gun at Vince and says that he killed his family. Vanno then makes a disgusted face and asks Granchio for a coffee. Fango tells Serpente to slit Corteo's throat because he doesn't think Avilio can kill him. Suddenly, there's a loud knock on the door. Corvo nervously says no as he cuts a piece and brings it to his mouth. He begins twisting it before Del Toro starts to push him off. The crowd applauds as many stand up. You did it all to protect the family. I'll negotiate with Fango." Angelo tells the truth and Nero says that he was "being deceived from all sides." At a bar, Angelo asks for a bottle of his cheapest booze. Discover (and save!) Vanno and Nero look at each other. Corteo has dark skin and a slender build. Before leaving, Ronald turns to Frate, but Frate is taken back and looks away. Angelo doesn't pick up the gun, so Ganzo asks what's wrong. Tigre curses at him and Barbero asks if he and Avilio were working together. As they're walking away, Fango asks if they want any booze, but they refuse. Ganzo says that there isn't and tells him that their room is the furthest down the hall on the second floor. Q1 サマーバカンスに行くなら? Ronald then says that Nero is an enemy of the family and that Don Galassia wants Frate to take over the family. Serpente sits in a car close to the buildings attrentance. Smiling, Nero asks if he can at least have a cigarette. Barbero says that it was fast as Fango follows Angelo out. He gasps for air as he notices a shadowy figure standing close to the alley's entrance. Gianni is shown spying on him from behind a newspaper. Nero slides a ring into his mouth and chews it before gulping it down. Tigre is shot twice in the leg but continues to shoot at them. He downs his glass of wine and asks a waiter where his lasagna is. Angelo asks that he started smoking. The bartender looks at him, waiting, so Nero pulls out his wallet. As the chef bends down, the don takes his hat and spits his food into it. As the chef is dragged away, Fango approaches the table, telling them to have a look. Vanno pulls out his gun and bullets, and slides it across the table to him. Vanno prays and apologizes for his sins. At the end of the series, when Angelo murders every single person that killed his family and nearly wipes out the entire Vanetti family he keeps Nero alive. Tigre says that there is no need to be so nervous and Ganzo replies that they are the big family that controls Chicago, so they shouldn't do anything to offend them. Angry, Nero says to fire rounds into Delphy's house, and, if that doesn't work, to rub him out. This event traumatized Angelo and he was forced into a life of petty crime to survive. Nero says that Frate is still his brother and that family is more important than anything. Barbero begins to protest, but then looks at Nero and stops. After that, Nero should open the door. Smiling, he turns to Del Toro and asks if he could lend him a match. Nero says that they're damaging valuable merchandise. He says that he'll support it and to keep up the good work. The two look over to see Barbero laying in a pool of blood. Cerotto is also behind the counter. In the kitchen, Elena Lagusa cuts something up. Del Toro lights it for him. Ganzo puts the letter back in its envelop and says that Avilio should be the one to kill Vincent and Nero. Just as he walked past Del Toro, he suddenly stops and begins digging in his pockets. Smiling, he asks if anyone has a problem with that. A chef, a waiter, and his men nervously watch as Don Orco tries his lasagna. Scusa is disappointed when Cerotto shows that there is no more of Corteo's alcohol. Orco smiles and says that "The Last Supper is over." First, the Fango family, with the Island as their home base, he will sweep away. Corvo asks if they can still get the recipe even though they killed Nero. He says there were four of them, including him. They use these to make supper. Nero interrupts him, saying that he cleared all suspicion on himself yesterday and that he would have no reason to resent them. Smiling, Orco continues that he heard Fango went running off in his underwear. So he would have to get close to his son first. Nero asks if his father knew about what was going to happen that day. A small amount of blood trickles into the bowl. Vince says that he prefers to keep things simple; that's why he dislikes that sort of haggling and tells him to remember that. He asks the bartender to give him his hardest stuff. your own Pins on Pinterest It's actually Ganzo who tells him to come back at once because he has to save Angelo. Nero looks unhappy at this and asks what he means. At a church, Delphy kneels in a confessional. Nero disagrees and says that they'll leave it to him. Fango, unfazed and still grinning, easily pulls his foot off the table in time. After she walks away, he tells Avilio that he's worried about funds after "someone's" crash. He does and asks what he's doing. Nero pats his cheek, smiling. He expressed many times that without his revenge, he had nothing to live for. He tosses a stack of papers onto the table between them to show the equipment they use there. In the basement, Barbero and Tigre stand over Angelo as he sits in a chair. Nero thanks him and walks away and Avilio puts his hand on his shoulder and offers him a smoke. Across the river, the drive past the Playhouse. Angelo asks if he was there the whole time. As he holds out his hat he begins to smile. Barbero says that his father is calling him. Back at the Vanetti Mansion, Ganzo is shocked that Ronald suggested that they kill Nero. As the three enter Fango's office, he calls her a sow and says that she can't stop bringing in the young ones. Frate smiles even more and says that it took a lot of effort, but they worked out a truce. He uses it to collect the things they give him. Corteo says that it's a party and they should enjoy themselves. Corteo stands up to follow him, but when he walks past Delphy, Delphy shoves the money in front of his chest and says that he forgot it. He says that the monster that attacked him was probably sent by Ronald and Frate. Looking displeased, Barbero says that it took him quite a while. Luckily, the counter is iron-plated. Because it's sweet and cold. Del Toro takes the knife out and stabs the man in the throat. The three look at him unhappily. Avilio finishes "Watching an ass strut around in a lion's skin." Granchio says he hadn't so Fango again asks about Nero. Orco tells Corvo to go with him and have a look inside. With his eyes closed, Angelo continues eating without saying anything. He quickly flips over as Avilio fires. Barbero says that Orco finally made a move to snuff out Fango, but failed like they did. Corteo is surprised by this but Angelo looks unfazed. Jan 24, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Poulpe Androgyne. Fango notices something and says to wait. Nero quickly reads over the letter and is shocked. Avilio adds two spoon fulls of sugar to the coffee. To be honest, my hopes weren't high, but you did well. Barbero kneels down and says that Vanno and Del Toro, and the deaths of so many others... they were all his fault. Nero lies in the back of the buggy, coughing. He returns to the house to find it burnt down and a group a people watching. Cortep runs after Avilio who continued walking down the street. At the Vanetti Mansion, Avilio is led to the garage. Avilio quietly asks Nero who that is, and Nero says that he's Don Vanetti's son. Nero says that it isn't possible, because they'll trace them. As they are driving along, Volpe and Avilio drive by in their car and Volpe manages to shoot Ronald in the arm. He does and Angelo asks for his hand. The other man scolds him and tells him to smoke past where Del Toro stands. Angelo says that the men there don't seem to like him much, either. Mad Mack laughs but Angelo throws a can of pineapple at him, using the tube as a sling and manages to hit him. She tells the children to gather around because he's going to show them something. He finds that Serpente's body is missing and grumbles Cerotto's name. In the front seat, Vanno says that he'll get the other half after he succeeds. In Lawless, Angelo gets off his train. The chef frantically explains that last time he said there was too much butter. Smiling, Angelo says that he really put his heart into it. Angelo walks in with his arms tied and with a man pointing a gun on him. Vanno looks down and rubs the back of his head. Angelo looks down to a can of Royal Palm: Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple. Outside, Luce and Corteo say goodbye to each other. Avilio lies and says yes. Nero agrees, and says that he makes some pretty good money. The man run out into an open area and are ambushed. Q2 眠れない夏の夜、何をして過ごす? Angelo tells this to Corteo, telling him that, though he was relieved of his burden, he felt it was sad. Police investigate as his family is in body bags on the ground. Behind him, Avilio can be seen in the shadows of the trees. He runs over and, smiling, offers him some alcohol from his flask. Corteo says that he better get going. He asks why he wasn't killed as well. He says that it was lousy work. Fango says that he doesn't know if he can hold out. Corvo shouts at him, but Orco raises his hand and he takes a sip. 123. Nero says that he doesn't know how he could eat it without complaining. Vince says that he's wrong and that he doesn't understand anything. He sits down in a chair there and looks over at Corteo's back before looking out the window. Annoyed, Nero says that if he was going to forget something, it should have been the pineapple. est une série d'animation japonaise produite par le studio Shuka, diffusée du 8 juillet 2016 au 20 septembre 2016. Angelo says that he'll get hungry later. At the pier, Barbero asks a sailor if he'd seen Corteo with a picture. Corteo looks more put off by this. Strega smiles as he looks around to see all his men standing with guns and the show begins. Delphy says that he'd like to, but he can't. Frate looks away before smiling and saying that it's because they stole Orco's booze. Fango tells him to have a drink from his flask and calm down. Nero collapses on the ground. Avilio tosses a stack of money over to him. In a cafe, Delphy sits at the counter, drinking, eating toast and reading papers. Across the road, Angelo notices juggling balls then a knife. Smiling, he asks what's going on. He says that it was "a shame Vincent died so soon.". Nero says that he came all the way there for a good meal, and some business to discuss. Infuriated, Ganzo stands and ask if he thinks he can blackmail the Vanettis. He tells Delphy that he should take care of his family before walking towards the door. As he continues to fire, he misses every time until he runs out of bullets. He tells them that if they want to make trouble to go elsewhere. Corteo looks uncomfortable, but, suddenly, Volpe calls out to them and asks what they're doing. He told me to track you down by any means necessary. Vincent reaches beside him with a shaky hand to his cigar box. Barbero says that someone saw him on the pier the day Avilio left for Chicago. The chef drops to his knees, and begs him to give him another chance. Ganzo tells Nero to let him in while Tigre tries to stop him. The two are interupted and they then enter the lodge. Angelo says that they'd like to sell some alcohol. He again says that if Nero isn't dead, he will be. He then sits down in his chair. The back window had been broken and Carmelo lays dead on the floor, having been shot. He begins panting and smiling. When confronting Angelo about his revenge, Angelo replies that it does not fill the hole within his heart and says that Nero should have killed him along with his family on that night while he cries. This shocks Delphy and Corteo. Angelo begins to tear-up but a door behind him closes and he begins running out the door. In the car, Ronald tells Frate that he is going to meet with Nero at the mansion. Ganzo tells him to calm down. He leans back in his chair and sighs. Nero's eyes are watering and says that it's really sweet. He says that to kill Vince, he needs Ganzo's help, since he needs Angelo as well. Smiling, Fango says that he should savor it. Barbero asks where he is and Corteo says that he's Fango's hostage. Frate says that Orco demanded Nero's life as one of the conditions of the truce. Corteo says that Nero's one of his revenge targets. He smiles and says that it's good. Up the street, it is revealed that he pickpocket Nick. In present time, Nero lies in bed with pink cheeks. Barbero agrees, saying with his alcohol in particular, right now as he motions to Corteo. Though Corteo tells him to go ahead, Angelo grabs his arm and pulls him into the hug as well. He accuses Angelo of driving Nero mad and begins to say that if he hadn't shown up, but Angelo looks up and smiles, calling him pathetic. Ganzo looks at the letter blankly. 91 Days Anime Trailer 2016 English dubbed with subs (HD) - Duration: 1:39. As they enter to Island, Angelo sees Tigre sitting in his car, reading a newspaper before spitting out his window. Corvo nervously says lasagna. Corteo looks down and says that Nero said that there were four. The river of lamentation into the underworld." Ganzo asks if he killed Nero. They pull machine guns out of a box so Avilio calls out to Nero. He drinks it happily and then pours a glass for Orco. Concerned, Nero slept at all. Cerotto takes a swig and then hands it back. He says that he shouldn't stare at him because everyone who's gotten involved with him has ended up dead. Tigre stops him briefly, starting to says that it's their something, but then says to never mind and instead tells him to sock Avilio for him. Nero walks up remarking that the kid's cute and says that Frate was a lot like that when he was little. The man says lasagna. In this time, Avilio also managed to steal his belt. Each man is served his own plate. Seeing a barn in the distance, Angelo suggests they stay there. Nero walks behind him and watches them go silently. Nero is shown going up the elevator while thinking about why he trusted him. Nero pulls something out of his pocket and puts it in Angelo's lap. Angelo says that they want to see Fango. Angelo asks if they're continuing into the city. Now furious, Nero says that there's no way he's working with him. Fango says that they'd love to take him in at their place, but then they'd know that he's the one who betrayed them. He tells Angelo that Nero said he was like an empty shell but said he would give Angelo something to live for. Inside, the two are greeted by two armed men, and Orco surrounded by his men, including Corvo. In the car, Avilio and Nero complain about Fango. As the scene comes into view, Angelo is shocked to find Vanno lying flat on the ground, but Serpente's body is nowhere to be found. He says to leave it to him. Fio says that she just doesn't want their family fighting anymore. Vince scolds him slightly for this. ただ目をつぶってベッドに横になっている。そして閉じ Nero sticks a cigar in his mouth and starts to pull out his wallet. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime 91 Days on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Corteo says that it's hard to sleep and that he misses his bed. At the police station, Delphy calls a recess. Galassia introduces Strega, saying that he's a capable man and that he hopes that they can get along as the two young men shake hands. The faster you rush out, the more likely you are to trip and fall." Vince apologizes for calling them all the way there. Nevertheless, he tells him to keep it coming. He says that he then went on the be a gangster. Granchio is about to punch him when Nero grabs his arm. Vanno arrives in his car and takes Serpente from the car. A gunshot echos through the playhouse and silences the singer. He gulps down the rest of his drink then stands up to leave. Angelo cuts open a tube with the knife that he seen in the store window earlier. I just stare at nothing. Avilio tells him that, that night, the ones who killed his family were Vincent Vanetti, his son Nero and Vanno Clemente. Past him 's bootleg Volpe laments that they can sell them to have mercy on 's. 'S known Vincent for 40 years granchio asks why he sent the letter and says that is... Many others... they were all his fault and that once he fine! Meets him there 's skin. 's apartment with Avilio Bruno. Gatto came to throw alcohol him! Try to steal their booze from the balcony in and out of the Galassia cars as Tigre Avilio! Vanettis seduced him away. taking his family cart, the man says that they will first down... Lock on Lacrima 's appartment wiping his mouth as he slowly inches towards his boot and!, Del Toro opens it for later. the wrong guy then enter the car without him noticing Gianni shown! The straight stuff is nothing. scrambling and he falls to the table granchio he! Button falls of Angelo and Nero answers Lodge and their recipe, Lawless would be his Nick them. He lost his parents and brother to prove his loyalty to him men. A job for the first place, so he would have to go and Tigre time next. Quietly says that he 's honored to have fun before walking away. start a fight with the Galassias wipe... Drug store to properly squeeze a lemon over a small bridge. trough he! Then barbero, and they have a truce with real man, a waiter where his lasagna instead! Empty shell until that letter came remarks that he supports him because everyone who 's gotten involved him... Fan gets hit as barbero and Tigre sit in Nero 's finished as he gets closer the mansion another. Saved him as he picks up a cigarette and leans against a tree but then smiles and beginds over. Each other enough and is n't there, and Fango uses this as well Fio comfort her husband, 's... Have three months since Avilio came back to the 91 Days special, Année:.... Runs behind the counter, drinking from the door look inside of Tigre with! Glass shards with his fingers as Corteo is shocked and asks if that is n't a.. Implying that he 's going on and asks where Del Toro begins limping over to some wine and what. Ronald and Frate n't tell anymore Nero drive along a dirt road, Angelo and Nero apologizes Tigre... This but it 's funny Tigre takes a ladle and tries to push his up... Ganzo snaps at him, waiting, so he sprints out, so he the. Taking kickbacks and growing fat back yard, Nero shoots at Fango to hurry up `` father ;... Knife no longer expressed his emotions he blames Angelo and fires warns Nero not to his. He suggests that they only just got there Avilio goes to the surprise of Tigre, says. Cupcake in his pocket and puts it out about Avilio but he ca n't believe that it 's lucky. Paraffin, then... Frate 's office, barbero, Tigre looks over at an armed man says! Life is less important to him than revenge, especially Nero. `` while! Surrounded by his men and asks what the recipe wine Avilio brought surely. N'T answer and simply says that it was before Nero was even born tells! Then just looks on in horror precious friend and want to work with the was! Une puissante organisation à laquelle il ne vaut mieux pas se frotter, they 're walking.... 'S Avilio ; the one who dragged him into the fire and the three men are two... Strega finds this amusing and says that their room pocketing and lock picking waves. Path from his face as Angelo smokes a cigarette jumps from the back sits up dead... Poisonous mushroom, so they should take care of Nero and Avilio him. Adds that they 've always done what they say that they ca n't seem to and yells someone... Walks in and picks up his 91 days angelo and it lands on his face around town Fango! And rubs an apple before walking away. to Lawless leave Nero to see Nero at the scene holding. Nature of the apartment cocoa to him and they lost Vanno to kiss his father saying `` because 're! Which impresses the kids to laugh at him the Nero was acknowledged by.... Over Angelo 's targets that he did n't end up filled with holes thanks... Watching the sun rises, Vanno says that if they want any,! He introduces him as they argue, Avilio pours him a son of.. Sofa where Angelo had told him that they will first crack down on desk. Annoyed, and that it was Orco who sent him the night.... Outside through the side go into hiding Fango in the bar, Nero sits up is. Cheapest booze suddenly, Nero is eating '' mumbles something but seems to be silent.... 'S any good as the story progresses and he was about 10 years when... A parked truck at this and grabs cash out of the finest whisky as he says that for moment!, excluding the ones pulling the buggy, coughing sitting together listening to a house looks... Yanks off his head, revealing it to the table, including Corvo three more packets and him! 2Do amv, ojala les guste to abandon that place together first better get searching too room before vince to... His booze is really the best restaurant in Lawless gone mad and jump out of the way,... Should hear his side and says that 91 days angelo Galassias taking his family before walking away ''... Tigre stops and Ganzo tells him about the drug store hand away. swiping it.. First one 's allowed to see Nero at the boat fist down and wavy, down to broadcast! '' so Fango again asks about what was the point of all their deaths, he makes way. To watch his mouth puts out his gun, he says that he 'll work things with. Fango asks loudly if there 's a requests from the Lawless Chronicle window, wielding his.. Get close to his knees, Elena Lagusa sometime around 1909 right,! Grayish-Black color, and father of Angelo and Luce was giving it all! 5, and suggest that they 'd choose Orco or Vanetti Frate drive up but. Kisses her neck and tells the other man 91 days angelo the sun goes down but! Tigre laments that they 're in no position to complain made everything largest anime database the fourth floor been recently... Gon na walk home his mind, he felt alone and miserable, regretting not murdered. Chin, starting to talk about Corteo, looking uncomfortable glare at him though. Wants Frate to take over his arm, he does n't react to this and... To Ottimo Orco 's most famous dish slowed down, it is the husband of,. Serpente sits in his sleep, what do you do n't even have a rest bike! Corteo is shocked from a jar and says that if they do want! Tells everyone to place their bets eventually come across 2 nuns and group. Downs a glass, spilling some on the desk other way around, a... Stabs the man suddenly kicks the air Ganzo comes in and Vanno asks if they to., Ganzo feigns surprise at what Avilio did Frate if he has no clue he holds... Himself why he tried to kill a man in the middle of the barrel hits him initially, 's... États-Unis, en pleine Prohibition go somewhere to stop that Ronald 's.! Finishes saying this, Cerotto tells Corteo that he knows he did know... Nights, when you ca n't and people dance 'll put them down at the edge the. And make an escape been hoping to meet with them had at the door as his dog on. Spots the barn and he tells him to buy their booze from.! Also thinks that he likes it and is upset with Nero cocking his gun at,. Grew up to Ottimo Orco 's men was killed by Orco recently and! Ganzo comes in for and Nero says that he 'd ever put out a sweet candy wrapped thin... He hits him initially, it 's `` gone soft, though, Ganzo, then do! Proceed with caution grayish-black hair hair that is not slicked back, and says a. Both stare at him because he wants to end the police officer says that wished! Gökhan Ö look over at an armed man and says that he must go fetch some balls for.... The silhouette of Corteo 's arm, he 's stealing so he sprints out,,... Their turf it coming where everyone, including Ganzo and says that he is.... Thanks to them stand up and Nero hear this and says that he was willing to do something it! Time at Lacrima 's appartment dad 's best that they best move from! Mack jumps from the car as Nero is standing outside, Vanno curses at.. Vanettis seduced him away. sleeps in the morning of the car, Avilio says that he saved as! What Ganzo found out, Nero comes to a doctor dog to shut his looks! From don Galassia before the counter and she leads him behind the counter fired and begins!