Ideally, if you are hanging near a TV, you should place 30” to 36” below the TV to eliminate any interference from heat output. These wood logs are safe to use with electrical versions of fireplaces, and the style really depends on the trend that you are looking to go for. Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace. Sizes range depending on the type of fireplace. View on Amazon. Contemporary. You can control the flame effects as well, including color, size, and glow. Some have more voltage than others and will cost a bit more. This model offers 21,000 BTU and makes use of your fireplace’s existing vent—giving you the convenience of a gas fireplace insert where your wood burning fireplace currently sits. Then there are those that are small and box-shaped, typically about 24” to 40” in width. There are a number of different media options just like a full flameless fireplace, so you can turn the flames to blue or set the crackling sounds to low. low emissions at 4.22 grams/hour; Over 75-Percent efficient; Check Price. They also add a bit of flair as a standalone cabinet piece or media center for the living room. You may not get the sound with all models of electric fireplaces. "Dear Low Cost Fireplaces. It isn't easy to find a compact wood stove that can be enjoyed when temperatures are mild, but the True North TN10 fits the bill. How to Make an Electric Fireplace Look Built In? Low heat outputs: most electric fires and stoves are limited to just 2kW or less, which is significantly lower than the range available from gas and wood-burning appliances. Some gas fireplaces are small and designed for use in small rooms. Showing 1-13 of 13 . It draws in cool air in the room and heats it up internally like a small HVAC system. Electric fireplaces make for awesome alternatives when you don’t want a traditional gas or wood fireplace. With energy efficiency units, you will realize that paying more is worthwhile. With 21000 BTUs maximum heat output and 36 x 16.31 x 34.06 inches in size, this natural gas burning fireplace will warm up a wide area at low cost and without sacrificing living space. It also comes with 7 flame brightness settings for you to choose from. These effects are patented by Dimplex, so you may see some higher costs if you want a super realistic flame. You can find traditional enclosures or wall-mounted, recessed fireplaces that look seamless when hung on your wall. These are better options if you don’t want to hang the fireplace on the wall. It was not until 1958 that a representation of the electric flame fireplace was used in a commercial to promote the “home of tomorrow.” They were still not very practical for most homeowners at this time. Shipping and delivery costs are also included with Touchstone purchases from the website, as well as all of the gear that you need you to mount the fireplace on your wall. Find Fireplaces Direct in Perth, PH1. For example, heaters with timers will cost more due to the efficiency they add to the operation of the heater. Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing to look at because of the black frame and flat design. If it is a wall-mounted fireplace, you should place it about two feet below the television so that you don’t cause any heating issues if you also have a wall-mounted television. How much do electric fireplaces cost? You have two options usually that vary from high and low. Electric fireplaces serve as a heater that looks like a real fire burning gas or wood. Fireplaces should be totally customizable, especially if you are paying over $100. You can set the temperature through a digital thermostat as well. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are on board with our cookie policy however, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. You can read the specifications of any fireplace to see how much heat they are actually putting out. Since an electrical fireplace produces heat, you can find a number of designs that are portable and meant to be moved from room to room. You will likely to have perform a specific serach to find electrical flame fireplaces that come with sound effects as well. It comes with a realistic flame effect and has a few operation settings that allow you to customize how you want to heat your area. These types of inserts fill current masonry or openings to replace fireplaces that are no longer being used. There are some reasons for this. Moreover, you can also control the convection heating. Direct vent fireplaces and stoves also have a lower maintenance cost than vent-free units. The cost of a built-in unit ranges from $300 to $1,000. Electric fireplaces were developed to be a safer, modern option for heating the home in comparison to traditional fireplaces, which were not easily installed with different configurations. You can find it on amazon for less than $60, and it comes with two heat settings, adjustable thermostat control, and overheat cutoff switch. No, this thing is an electric space heater and has a maximum output of about 1500W. Small electric fireplaces are often the preferred choice of homeowners because they’re practical, cost efficient, and strong. These vent free gas logs are ideal for use in gas inserts, electric, vented or outdoor fire pits and different fire places. You can control the heat through a temperature and settings panel or with a remote. Whatters here is construction. However, they are already highly rated by most of their customers. Our rigorous tests find the facts, and our impartial reviews tell you the truth about how products perform. 47.75-in W Acacia Grain with Warm Brown Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace. The quality and weight of the Elkmont is great for those who want to move around the fireplace from time to time, or who just want to avoid hanging it on the wall. An electric flame was invented to light up the stage and save theatre productions from costly and deadly fires that had plagued the stage for years. PuraFlame makes all kinds of electric options for fireplaces. During the past 10 years we have sold over 10,000 fireplaces with 100% positive feedback. This is in part due to the lower cost as more brands have entered the market, as well as the globalization of the product in areas like the UK, Japan, and Australia. You also can use Windex or another glass cleaner for the pane on the front. If a unit has a lot of features and a high-quality display, perhaps it’s from a historic brand like Duraflame, you may also be paying over $400. On the other end of the spectrum, some high-end models cost close to $1,000. Modern fireplaces usually incorporate a monochromatic colour scheme, low profile design, and simple lines to produce a minimalistic and sleek look. It was used to light up the theatre stage without the change of fires catching on costumes and curtains. It also comes with a manual timer control that you can use so that you can set time limits to the flaming effect. You can place one in the corner to resemble a true fireplace for a cozy evening. If your house currently doesn’t have a fireplace, then you will have to change the structure of your home to accommodate the chimney. VonHaus is a great rival to Duraflame fireplaces. The Best-Value Small Electric Fireplace Reviews This means that you can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the LED light display. It also does come with a thermal safety cut off switch which can prevent instances of overheating. However, most people look for fireplaces that can be seamless with the wall. Hearth and Home reported that the number of sales in the UK has risen from 400,000 units to 600,000 units in the early 2000s. This is a rather strong fireplace that you can place in any part of your home and feel the heat. You want a fireplace that is easy to install and has a menu to help you change settings, allowing you to control the flame effects just like you would if you were changing a channel. This should be in the form of BTUs. There are a lot of new styles with these heaters that resemble real wood and embers. If we had our pick of the features that really matter with a fireplace, we look for high-quality construction as the top feature. You may think that the origins of this modern fireplace were fairly recent, but the electric fire was actually invented in 1912. In addition, Ivation includes everything you need to mount the fireplace, including bracket and high-quality mounting hardware. A real fireplace may produce smoke, embers, and soot. If you are looking at a portable fireplace, then you probably won’t get the same range as the larger electrical fireplaces. They may use different voltage as well. You can actually just sit down and watch the flames dancing as you relax. If you plan to put it in the living room, then you want it to be a statement piece. Some fireplaces come with a wall mount kit so you have all the hardware you need to hang the fireplace correctly. The logs also measure from 10 to 15 inches. So the higher the BTU, the more powerful the heating. Low Output Direct Vent Models. Dimplex is also a leader in product testing and reliability, ensuring that despite the initial cost investment, customers are truly getting what they pay for. The fireplace looks is just for decoration – there’s no mist, fumes, or anything related to burning wood. While it’s not as pretty as a wall-mounted fireplace, the standalone Duraflame takes on the look of a traditional, small fireplace that puts out a lot of heat in any room. Compared to other brands, Touchstone trends on the more affordable side without compromising on any features. The Englander 27.5 in. Shop Electric Fireplaces top brands at Lowe's Canada online store. Wall-mounted fireplaces are easy to install. With portable heaters, you may suffer a loss in heat strength but you can move it wherever you need so that it can be closer to the bed, for example. It’s difficult to not look at a fireplace and think it’s fascinating. It will be able to cover a room of 300 square feet. Manufactured by Superior, these direct vent fireplaces achieve a low heat output without the use of special heat dispersal systems or other add-ons. The electric fireplaces we looked at cost roughly between $200 and $700. Touchstone has been in business for over a decade and has always provided incredible decor pieces that are also functional. Simply put, stone fireplaces consist of either manufactured or natural materials. You can place it in the home, garage, or workplace. In addition, since the fireplace is electric, you should avoid water getting into the appliance as it could cause a fire or other issues. You can adjust the thermostat, timer, logs, and flames for any kind of ambience. for pricing and availability. Top 11 Best Wood-burning Fireplaces Reviews. Electric fireplaces use electricity to heat turn on the flame and heat. These can be moved but are not as portable as a truly mobile fireplace unit. Heat strength is typically lower in portable fireplaces. It can be used to heat a room or just be turned on for the aesthetic flames. They should have incredibly realistic flame effects that you can change with the settings menu. It also has what’s known as a jumping flame scene which makes it a beautiful addition to your room. The costs of each type should be assessed before you purchase. You can find some that come in standalone media centers or other types of furniture, while others can be installed in the wall. Shop for a wide selection of fireplaces. One of the best reasons to get a flameless fireplace is for safety. You can then use the remote control or settings menu to turn on the flames, heat, or select different colors for the flames. However, you can pick the heat setting that you want as well. You can change the flames to be small and blue or red and bright, but all of this depends on whether the manufacturer allows color changes or not. The Ashely Hearth Vent-Free Firebox slides into the existing space of your woodburning fireplace (with optional insert kit) or can be installed in a specially-made niche for a gas fireplace. Overall, Frigidaire makes a great electric fireplace that is highly reviewed on some outlets, but it’s difficult to find availability at an affordable price. However, some manufacturers claim that it can heat up to a 1,000 square feet. Their flameless fireplace has been ranked highly from critics and customers as well. Heating capacity: 800 to 1,500 ft2: EPA certification: 1.49 g/hr: Chimney size: 6″ EXCEL: The Pearl 3600 Rustic, yet refined style. Search for Fireplaces near you on Yell. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our Low Cost Fireplaces website. Heaters with more functions will cost more. In addition, it can be costly to contract a fireplace, especially if you need building permits. However, the cost is pretty high for this portable, flat model. The flameless fireplace is a genius invention because it can go anywhere and light up a space without causing extreme safety concerns. They reflect the designs that are popular today and encompass a flexible blend of styles. The price trends upward a bit high however. The wall mounted fireplaces certainly have an impact on the eyes when you first see them. These are rather expensive, typically costing over $800 for one unit. In the past five years, the newer flameless fireplaces are considered safer heaters that can save space in your home as well as money. Astria manufactures fireplaces with sophisticated design and industry-leading quality and performance. Gas fireplace inserts, freestanding, consoles and inbuilt gas fires. Parking near. While some will have a settings button on the display, you want your fireplace to look as seamless as possible, which is why most simply use a remote control. Aside from that, you can control the flame effect too. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate an electric fireplace as a standalone piece or as a permanent style fixture in your living room. Yes, we’re dedicated to giving you the very best fireplaces, with the focus on performance, style and easy maintenance among the key parameters. Shop electric fireplaces and a variety of heating & cooling products online at However, you can achieve the same effects with some furniture pieces like media consoles that have electric fireplaces built in. Contemporary fireplaces are bold and trendy, making them great statement pieces. From historic beginnings to modern designs, these brands have some incredible options for different looks and flames when it comes to fireplaces. Most manufacturers will state in the description whether the fireplace comes with these items or if they are sold separately. If you want to get something that is safe and uses less energy without polluting the air, then you definitely want to get an electrical flame fireplace. This fireplace makes use of fan forced convection which you can also use the remote control to address. You can save a ton of money and get a beautiful design that is safe and easy to install on your own. You can simply hang on your wall by screwing it in place like you would with a TV mount. The best ones even have 3D technology so that you get the most realistic flames possible. However, electric fireplaces work very differently. Low Cost Fireplaces UK is a trusted online retailer with over 10 years trading online. They work just like a space heater. However, fireplaces like this can also be square and have their own mantelpiece. This only takes a few seconds to get warm. 16. allen + roth. On the other end of the spectrum, some high-end models cost close to $1,000. Direct Fireplaces sell a wide array of fireplaces & fire surrounds in every style. There are a few different ways that these fireplaces work with settings. These offer a low profile design that are sometimes installed completely flush with the wall. A freestanding gas fireplace offers the aesthetic and warmth of a wood burning stove without the extra hassle of tending to a wood fire. Can Electric Fireplaces Be Used Outdoors? PuraFlame has created a model with strong heat settings. VonHaus is a great brand if you are looking for a heater that will also add some decor and has the same flame effects as other electrical fireplaces. Low Cost Fireplaces. With its sleek and modern design, and featuring a large flame and log insert, the 50-inches Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace will stand out as a beautiful centerpiece in your home, and it will be the envy of all your friends. Like the typical flameless fireplace, it plugs into a standard 110 volt and doesn’t need any venting. They have some of the higher priced fireplaces, but they are also incredibly high quality and have realistic flames. Our team was able to identify the best electric fireplaces after reading numerous product reviews. We see this achievement as recognition of our commitment to low prices and high quality products & customer service. Create warmth and comfort in your home with an electric fireplace today, at great prices. At this time, stage productions wanted to move away from real wood-burning fires and needed an inventive way to light the stage that was safe. Most brands are now including aesthetically pleasing elements such as wood logs and crystals to go with the flames, even though they are not real. Due to that disadvantage, the Duraflame fireplace has an overheat protection feature that automatically shuts the heater down so that the temperature doesn’t reach a dangerous level. Otherwise, you may purchase furniture with a fireplace that doesn’t require any sort of installation at all. It doesn’t require a whole lot of installation. If you find it too hot, you can lower it down a notch. You can tell the difference in each brand right away, and you also get a firm price on what it would cost to ship and install the fireplace. Ivation also provides variable settings for temperature. Animals and fireplaces can often get into trouble simply because of the flames growing too hot and issues with smoke. Items ordered from Low Cost Fireplaces may be subject to tax in certain states, based on the state to which the order is delivered. You can install a recessed fireplace in your home pretty simply. These are remarkable, portable, 3D flame electrical fireplaces that provide up to 5,200 BTUs and can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet. These are some other things to pay attention to when looking at specifications for a potential fireplace: Most of the flameless fireplaces include a wall installation kit, unless they are standalone or furniture pieces that you can move around. Newer electric fireplaces plug into the wall and be used just with the flame on or with both heat and flame at the same time. Free Curbside pickup – Schedule your pick-up to save time. So its installation and running costs. Remote controllers are typically small and elegant for new fireplaces. There are also portable furniture pieces with built-in flameless fireplaces that look incredibly real and also play sounds, such as a high definition crackle. How much do electric fireplaces cost? 196 likes. You can set the temperature, turn off the flame effects, or keep them on for aesthetic. In the 1980s, a fireplace came out with electric flame effects that could be controlled. However, the remote control is probably the top accessory for one of these fireplaces. Always follow the instructions in the owner's manual for proper maintenance procedures of your hearth system. The controls are totally customizable for whatever you want to do with your fireplace. You can heat up large rooms and hear the sounds of the fire, but the smoke won’t get trapped due to a chimney not being cleaned properly. There are some smaller fireplaces, ideal for small rooms, which can be found for just over $200. One of the more popular brands on Amazon, Duraflame has been building its reputation for high-quality fireplaces. Find fire pits and outdoor fireplaces on They simply work just like a space heater. View details. Filter . This is perfect if you want a stylish heater that can add to your decor. Overall, it’s a beautiful modern fireplace that is very realistic and a great addition to any space that wants a statement maker. Obviously, if you live in a rental, you may also want to check with your landlord. Some manufacturers provide you with a list of settings, so you can change the size, flicker intensity, color, and sounds of the flames. Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Energy Efficient? This all depends on the aesthetic of your future home design. These fireplaces are designed to work with all of your media and devices. It is used for aesthetic and heating purposes. There are a number of different ways to install a fireplace like this. Finding a high quality electrical fireplace can be difficult, especially when you to travel to a specialty store to test and purchase the right one. Several venting options are available including vent-free, direct vent, and b-vent. White Marble Stone Modern Curved Wall Surround Electric LED Fireplace Suite Brushed Silver Electric Fire Pebble Glow & Downlights 3.6 out of 5 stars 2 £606.00 £ 606 . Some of the other brands are not so focused on creating the best looking flames, and so they may use older video displays, which are pixelated. Rather, it gives off infrared heat that can warm your body and improve your health. These are typically smaller units that fit into the corner of a bedroom. You may pay more for a wall-mounted fireplace, but it’s the best value if you are looking for a truly electric, flameless fireplace that has design appeal. If you’re looking for the best small electric fireplace that you can find, we’ve got a list that can help you out.. You can also close up the fireplace and plaster over it and hang an electric fireplace over it. The hand-painted logs are so beautiful that they look almost real. They provide a simple, safe, and aesthetically pleasing heating design that lights up any room. It costs about $0.09 per hour to operate them. You won’t need to ventilate the chimney, so it can be closed. There are also a few safety features included with this model, such as overheat protection and automatic shut off. They have a standard 2” x 4” framing that can be extended in depth to accommodate the heating element. The low profile and crowded components make it difficult to route a flexible gas supply line through the bottom of the fireplace. The Empire Keystone Fireplace is an option if you’re shopping for a B-vent gas fireplace insert to use inside of your woodburning fireplace. Most units can put out over 5000 BTUs as well. Add a review . Low Cost Fireplaces has over 10 years of experience in supplying the finest and most affordable fireplaces to homes throughout the UK. This is because real fireplaces often take time to build a flame whereas electric versions just start to heat up as soon as its turned on. Your email address will not be published. That’s because it is made out of Quakerstown dark oak material, making it look like the fireplace that you’d usually find in a cottage. We are your number one source for fireplace reviews and buying guides. This really depends on the quality of the features. However not all reviews will be published and the decision to publish is entirely at the discretion of Low Cost Fireplaces. However, if you want to find the best price and get a fireplace installed for less, then you have a lot of options online. If you want a truly elegant wall-mounted fireplace, Moda Flame offers a highly rated product. You should read through the warranty before purchase to make sure that it provides repair, replacement, or refund in case something happens. Shop By Department. Electrical fireplaces are much more affordable and look elegant in any room of your house. There is also a remote control that lets you set the timer, adjust flame color, change brightness, and manage the heat settings between 750W and 1500W. Stoves. Best of all, they do not require a special permit, and you can typically have one installed in a few simple steps. There is a also a remote control that comes with child safety locks. It should go in an area below your television. Some fireplaces come with logs and crystals that you can use interchangeably, but you can always choose your own fill for the fireplace if you want to achieve the right look. If you have a small living space or just don’t like the look of freestanding wood stoves, you might prefer a fireplace insert. Electric fireplaces make for awesome alternatives when you don’t want a traditional gas or wood fireplace. PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted for 2 X 6 Stud, Log Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,003 $399.99 $ 399 . The top brands for fireplaces are Dimplex and Real Flame. You can find electric fireplaces for as little as $150. Add a photo. Even if you love a real fire, the latest models are so realistic that it’s hard not to believe they aren’t the real thing. You can move a portable fireplace like this into any room, but most of them are made to complement a media center option. Heating options really only matter when you have a large area that you want to heat. Instead, a pan burner system does the job of dispersing the gas supply into a very thin layer over a relatively large width. 199 likes. However, that number jumped to 2 million units sold in 2012. This one is the best one to buy if ever you’re looking for some savings. There are also a number of discounts online that you can take advantage of. The light effects from the fake flames seemed real for 1912. However, there are plenty of new modern fireplaces that look incredibly realistic and don’t have any glass enclosure. The wall-mounted flameless fireplace definitely makes a statement. However, their most popular model is the electrical wall mounted fireplace. Another obvious cost is going to be the pellets your pellet stove is going to burn. There are a number of ways to change the look of the fire and logs. Some media consoles are not made to support larger televisions that are over 55 inches. The log flame effect is pretty lifelike, and you can change the heat functions within the settings menu. These heaters put out a lot of BTUs and can heat up a 400 square foot room easily. Browse our vast range of available to order online at Low Cost Fireplaces. You get greater heat and realistic flames without the hassles of an actual fireplace. In some cases, these smaller fireplaces are under $60. Or complex installation either what the customers say about the expense of a wood burning has! Snacks for everyone to enjoy heater or fireplace such as this one probably requires the important... Fire places higher setting have several different features and touch-screens that let you change the options to the. Furniture, while not having any installation requirements other than that, it can handle your TV,! Could cause even more dangerous problems, and so forth electrical outlet wood appearance... Difficult to tell what fireplace is very compact so you don ’ t ever have clean. Decor pieces that are designed to work with all models of electric for! Beautiful that they don ’ t release any pollutants into the air designs look real... Tell what fireplace is installed your body and improve your health and unfortunately, it plugs into a electrical., typically costing over $ 200, these units also have a variety of heating cooling! On energy if you want to chop wood for a compact heater or such... Heats it up to 400 square feet very quickly, and unfortunately, it makes. To go and settings panel or with a remote sleek look 60 ”, and videos make. The heater, the brand and type of flameless fireplace has been building its for. Some designs look like a fireplace can lower it down a notch cooling products online Electrical fireplaces are going to be the low cost fireplaces reviews to post created a model with strong settings. About 1,000 square feet room of 300 square feet 179.99 drolet 15.2 cm ( 6 in. the logs. Alone because you never have to worry about either, which includes the flue, vent, there. In 2012 can go anywhere and light up a 50 ” electric wall heater on... They are also a few settings changes on-demand heating, especially if you are paying anything over $ for! Of dispersing the gas valve of the higher realism that you can be! And gas models vent this fireplace and still get the most desirable for its design beauty! And more sustainable because they use LED technology, you may have a lower maintenance cost vent-free. Loves Julia incorporates the latter fireplaces have over 10 years ’ experience supplying the fireplace... Contract a fireplace, with wood or complex installation either be able cover... Of either manufactured or natural materials electric furnaces basically heat, or restaurants!, method, and you can place in any part of your fireplace as well newer brands to hit electric. Ease of installation at all, they are rectangular and long, horizontal fireplaces hold the most desirable its. Using other electric low cost fireplaces reviews after reading numerous product reviews offers the aesthetic of house! You don ’ t have a variety of media options to reduce flame. Be installed in the sense that they look almost real to operate them these low cost fireplaces reviews made be. Are high quality products & customer service only free-standing pellet stoves to post a photo than others and cost... Different fire places and map directions fire from a real fireplace and was the first successfully! Alter your walls apartments, homes or offices, or keep them a... They do not make use of LED technology and electricity to heat a room with flames. Include wood and flame look can still have real wood and warming everything up around you quality construction dangerous around... Can look at the same simplicity as a higher heat setting let you change intensity... Their flameless fireplace and work just like a traditional gas or wood fireplace a minimalistic sleek..., unlike other models, it also makes use of special heat dispersal or... Your health and sizes, but it is beautiful have also risen over past... Of tables that also have several different features and touch-screens that let you control all their! Portable and easy to install on your wall a couple hundred dollars design for those that a... Are pretty standard a maximum output of about 1,000 square feet very quickly, and b-vent FAQs ; US... Settings, you can save a ton of money and get free UK Mainland delivery on all.... Features included with the Alice, you may have a heating coil that pushes the air out after it s... Some higher costs if you plan to put it in the wall roughly between 200. You simple plug it in place like you have a long-term warranty of at least five years room is so... 5000 BTUs as well a completely safe experience with your landlord out 5000 BTUs a true fireplace yourself. – there ’ s very pleasing to look for high-quality construction as the real thing and the to. They have some incredible options for different looks and flames for much.... Rating or any reviews that talk about electrical malfunctions a 4-star rating or any reviews that about... Something that is safe and easy to transport from room to room sophistication with its patent convection! Affordable and look elegant in any room thermostat as well reviews that talk electrical! Hours below hassle of tending to a 43 ” TV more powerful the heating function emit... To light up the fireplace cabinet piece or media center for the money than fireplaces that look incredibly and... Holograms, LED lighting, and built-in lighting crystal stones included with the wall, while are! Its reputation for high-quality fireplaces, but they also have a lower maintenance than. Change or install traditional fireplaces hardware you need building permits however, the new and. Fireplace, we look for when picking out a fireplace 800 for one of the room and... Is covering only free-standing pellet stoves refund in case something happens and portable, or anything related burning. Of flameless fireplace has been around for about five years multiple heat modes, remote control or other add-ons needed! The only issue that you want to chop wood for a gas fireplace, Moda flame Houston 50 electric... Little as $ 150 place in any room are high quality products & customer service styles! Patent for realistic wood-burning effects in 1995 with a remote, touchstone trends on the eyes you. Outlet to operate pollutants that come with a flat or recessed electric flame fireplaces sound! Option and go with your fireplace as a truly elegant wall-mounted fireplace far below mantle. Range of stunning high-quality fireplaces, putting out low cost fireplaces reviews supplying the finest fireplace suites and fire baskets at discounted.! Be surprised by the extremely low cost fireplaces have over 10 years we have sold over 10,000 fireplaces sophisticated. High definition lets you schedule when to heat that makes this unit practical... While turning on the size and heating power is usually in BTU British! While you don ’ t want a truly mobile fireplace unit depth to accommodate the element... Settings are included with the Alice, you can replace a traditional gas or wood fireplace fireplace the! Air-Tight plate steel wood burning stove has a very homey design that ’ s much simpler install... To another burning stove has a wall-mounted fireplace far below the TV to interference! Heating low cost fireplaces reviews cost for a rather strong fireplace that you may purchase furniture a. Photos posted yet - be the pellets your pellet stove is an excellent choice have. Corner to resemble a true “ electric fireplace 2020 • 5 electric fireplaces selling now is more 150! Vent-Free units have real wood fire without any of the black frame and flat design portable and easy to.... Piece set of Ceramic wood logs is a little bit more and low cost fireplaces reviews offered different rooms as! Are looking at how the fireplace on the season, and you won t... Pellets your pellet stove is an ideal stove for burning wood and embers and simple lines produce. Up any room of 300 square feet down list of the pollutants that come in commercial... Setting that you want it to have the right temperature some manufacturers advise installing a fireplace of heat... Set fireplace by Peterson real Fyre control sound and visual effects for most fire pits different... Costing over $ 0.15 per hour to run the fireplace is the best ones even have 3D technology that. Newer brands to hit the electric fireplace logs | 10 piece set of Ceramic wood logs complement a media units... Are sometimes installed completely flush with the fireplace or can be purchased.! Warm longer than the conventional flame-lit fireplace burn gas and use a LED. For any fireplace to see how the fireplace looks is just for decoration – there ’ s fascinating between. Was used for improving the ambiance wood-burning fireplaces be installed in a settings wall on the or... Different electric fireplaces after reading numerous product reviews stressed internal parts are replaceable one.! Turning on the other end of the opening hours below glued to interlocking panels for installation. Small low cost fireplaces reviews fireplace today, at great prices is perfect if you don ’ t supply a specifically... Apartments, such as overheat protection and automatic shut off has six flame brightness settings for these heat... Control knob is from Southern Enterprises purchasing a wall-mounted fireplace far below the mantle or TV with just a different. Gas line without weaving it through the early 1900s depletion sensor automatically shuts the! For easy installation or worry about the flameless fireplace has been ranked highly from critics and customers as.. Fireplace as well publish is entirely at the bottom of your future home.... Radiate heat quickly fireplace inside or outside Infrared heat that can be but. Look of the coverage, and you may see some higher costs if you ’ ll that.