umu | Your competitive edge. It also helps that she’s self-aware and is able to think through tough situations logically. Instead of being tied to the past, she has the inner-strength to move forward and go after what she wants. Hello, hello denizens of r/smashbros. It’s completely genuine and authentic. Not to mention she stands firm and never waivers in her personal beliefs. Maki Oze is one of the newer anime waifu‘s in the industry (since 2019 that is). She’s the commander in the military series: Full Metal Panic. And it’s not like she’s “pretending” to be this way. Out of all the quirks in MHA, her “earphone jack” is one of the strangest but useful. Mikoto Misaka’s ambition, drive and determination is what I love about her most. 720p 480p 360p 240p. Ayah. And easily one of the most beautiful anime girls. Making the taste soothing and calming for anyone who tries it. THE Waifu (OVER 1500 Labeled Best Girl Choices) Part 2 J-R. FGO Girls Tier. i mean, you're pretty much asking who our favorite waifu is and ranking them. Waifus sporting the best love to trash ratio. But that’s exactly what’s attractive about her personality. What’s not to love about Mirajane? Megumi Tadokoro comes off as shy, nervous and sometimes “too” nice. Or not stand up for herself. . The Waifu Tier List - Gigguk. Born into the wrong circumstances for no fault of her own (victim of prejudice). Fate Grand Order SSRs. Putting most female anime characters to shame (especially over the last couple of years). And it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful with red hair no less. And let’s not forget how hard working and focused she is. Spread the loveHere is all the female characters in Epic Seven. Helltaker Waifu Tier List 71. This carries over into her relationship with Nagasumi Michishio. We hold themed wars, seasonal wars, and yearly wars based on a curated list … So it would be wrong not to mention Rem as a top waifu. War... War never changes. Who has no interest in blindly following others or sticking to what’s conventional. It’s one of the most impressive highlights of the anime. Eru Chitanda’s curiosity is one of her most interesting traits. The definition of anime waifu literally means “wifey material”. An anime filled with goddesses in every sense of the word. After seeing so many tier list popping out I have to say that I am severely disappointed. The Waifu Tier List - Gigguk. League of Legends (LOL) tier lists and tier list templates. Plus she’s smart, attractive, and even better than that – she’s hard-working and committed. Satou Sakie (Interviews With Monster Girls). Obey Me Otome Game Tier List. A girl who knows how to fight because she’s military trained, exercises, works out, and is still as feminine as a flower. It’s clear she cares about what other people think of her “gaming” secrets, but that just makes her all the more real and relatable. hide. On the inside she has insecurities that stem from her horrible past, yet she’s able to accept it and move forward with her head held high. Because you’d marry them if it were possible. All rights reserved, 34 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls, 10 Educational Lessons You Can Learn By Watching Anime, Why “Orange” Is An Underrated Slice Of Anime You Need To Watch. Waifus sporting the best love to trash ratio. Revisit battlefields of the past. top des actrices. Ursula Callistis knows how to lead others when the time is right. Video. This is regardless of whether she’s rewarded for her actions or not. A League of Legends Tier List created by Doody_tco: Waifu Tier List. Rainbow Six Siege Waifu Tier List. On the outside she’s like the great wall of China. Medusa is the Ultimate of the Waifu tier. Similar to Saber, Balsa has a strong set of personal values, ambitions and self-discipline to go with it. The Ultimate Danganronpa Waifu Tier List. Emilia is a darling. Obey Me Otome Game Tier List. Shonen Anime. Or whatever negative bullshit people love to spout. Ochako has one simple goal: to make a lot of money and take care of her family. . Sheele is the type of character who if they had a mentor, their life would have changed for the better. The Waifu Tier List 25/05/19 by Gigguk. The kind of girl who has a level head on her shoulders! How modesty, regardless of her upbringing and privileges.