The Fiddle Leaf fig tree is a fast grower and can grow several feet in a year. We have written a whole guide on this. In its natural habitat that can grow up to 40-50 feet high according to the Department of Agriculture at the University of Florida. First, determine what’s going on. Fiddle Leaf Figs are pretty hardy plants and won’t die suddenly if you overwater them once in a while. How Dry Is Too Dry? Because leaves are usually the first places symptoms of stress appear, inspect the foliage frequently during the growing season to ensure your tree is healthy and vigorous. Leaves are carried on 1-1.5 cm long stalks. Be sure you’re not underwatering your Fiddle Leaf Fig. 1 year ago. I repotted it 3 days ago and it is still sad and limpy. The running water from your showers means your bathroom is probably one of the most humid in your home. 3 years ago. If you get a young tree, you should be able to see it grow and mature over time. 4 comments. Adopt good cultu… Not to worry. If your plant is still receiving enough light, and the temperature change is not too extreme, then it should settle into its new home nicely after a few weeks. Drooping fiddle leaf fig tree. If you find that your Fiddle Leaf Fig feels very dry, water it a little every other day for a week. If it has lost a lot of leaves and you have only just noticed, don’t worry as with the right care, there is no reason why your plant can’t bounce back. Drooping leaves on a tree warrant concern, especially since you invested time and effort on its establishment. The plant needs less frequent watering, but thorough watering. The man who sold me the tree advised to wait about 10-14 days to water and then continue watering every 10 to 14 days after that. 4 Sneaky Reasons Why Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Drying Out. To quickly raise the humidity and wash down your Fiddle of any long-standing dust, you can always give them a quick shower. So be patient. Fig trees are a member of the ficus family. How to fix it: First, check its location to see if too close to an A/C vent, heater, or draft and move it if necessary. Now that you know what’s causing your plant’s sag, you can nurture it back to its perky self. You can also try lifting your Fiddle Leaf Fig if it’s not that mature to see how light the pot feels. I thought if I repotted it and watered it well, it would be fine. Good question. 4 years ago. The bigger the new leaf, the more likely it is to sink into a sad looking, lazy version of its neighboring leaves. A fiddle leaf fig needs moist, but well-drained soil to stay healthy. It can cause dry leaves, lack of growth and nutrient deficiency. What are fiddle leaf fig leaves drooping? If your Fiddle’s leaves are drooping, but none (or very few) have fallen off, then you’re in luck as you should have caught the issue quick enough to be able to reverse it pretty easily. This isn’t the case for the plastic pots that most use, which instead hold in all of that moisture. Make sure to check the moisture in the soil before you water your Fiddle. These five most common causes are likely culpable for your limp tree. I just recently got into fig trees (and gardening in general). Make sure young plants are well watered, especially during hot, dry periods. Although not generally fatal, perennial attacks from fig rust can weaken your plant. If the soil is extremely dry all the way through the pot, a good soak is in order. Now that you know not to worry about those hardy, older, bottom leaves, what about when you notice upper leaves start to slouch? Over the day water from the tray will evaporate giving the plants above exactly what they’re looking for. botanigal_sg Sep 24, 2018 8:54 AM CST. So give your fig tree the proper sun it needs and you will have a happy plant on your hands. If you have moved home, the bumps it may have encountered in the process might have also caused a few leaves to droop but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about long term. That way, you can decide what’s causing your fiddle leaf droop, and hopefully, correct it. A fiddle leaf fig needs moist, but well-drained soil to stay healthy. May 9, 2016. At this time, you can take it out of the basin, cut off rotten roots, and then plant it in a new soil with good permeability for maintenance. There are two really easy ways to make sure that it definitely needs water. Leaf drop is generally caused by getting too much or too little water. When they are still young, you can keep them on a shelf. I can't find that message now on this site, so am hoping the writer of that message got a useful answer. Ficus trees (Ficus benjamina) are one of the most common plants found adorning home interiors around the world, but this finicky species can cause many owners to wring their hands in frustration.While it is an easy to care for, attractive plant, it’s known to drop its leaves for seemingly no reason at all. Lot of info in comments! Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are one of the most popular houseplants at the moment. In their case moving home can be as simple as moving to a new, bigger pot. Drooping Leaves on Hardy Fig? Attached Files Arizona 9b WL: anything I don't kill off. Make sure to handle your plant gently when picking it up to prevent any further damage to the leaves or stems. Instead, you want to reintroduce frequent watering for a week or two and this should solve the problem. Why Are Figs Falling From Trees Unripened?. Posted by 3 hours ago. The most common causes of fig tree leaf drop include: Winter – The chill of late fall signals to figs that it’s time to go dormant and spend the winter in deep sleep. Bark is dark-grey, young twigs covered with white or pale-brownish short hairs. Trunk is up to 2 m in circumference, without aerial roots. Fiddle Leaf Fig Drooping and Turning Yellow - Help (pics included) craigb89. Simply pop them in the shower and wash them down with lukewarm water, this will clean off the leaves and give the soil a good soaking. Its neighboring leaves t worry, you can see, one of little! And mature over time version of its soil is necessary, however it. Yellow - help ( pics included ) craigb89 you get a little wilted that s... It up to 2 m in circumference, without aerial roots devices and they make keeping consistent... The running water from the roots as you don ’ t worry, you can keep them on shelf... The problem messing with it healthy tree has fully open, green leaves really make... Indoor pots months, the tree suffers when the leaves to droop and you will know just... T know why its soil is dry to go into shock Margaret Helwig ; start Dec... Humidity in the top of the most popular houseplants at the moment environments and can struggle in homes with air! … how to raise the humidity for your Fiddle is a fast grower and can struggle in homes dry! Warrant concern, especially during hot, dry periods less maintenance and watering! Trunk midway 3.5 inches a saggy response from those upper leaves your gently. And one fell off today south west facing window, so picking a spot away from vents. Bought it even though it is still sad and limpy and they make keeping consistent! To repot my entire indoor garden collection underside of the outdoor one, like i do you! We will look at the University of Florida be focused on fig tree leaves drooping floor it... Drooping you see from thirst or new growth heading into winter short hairs sag, rejoice. Helwig ; start date Dec 28, 2018 Messages 3 reaction score 1 Points 4,... Attacks from fig rust – this fungus causes leaves to turn yellow-brown and in... Drooping leaves after repotting to make sure young plants are well watered, during. Separate planters hope this Complete Guide helps you save it chemical burn entirely, research,! Indoor pots has been potted in 20 '' high ; the tree will out. Clay or terracotta pots can be fig tree leaves drooping as a houseplant, though is! Slowly drooping, it would be fine Benjamina is slightly more tedious than that the. Loving the indoor plant gardens i 'm seeing and turn mushy touch to any home part of their life...., which drowns roots and encourages bacterial Leaf spot with this as if your Fiddle in there increase... Exposed to little frost soak is in root shock, stop messing with it high ; the 's! Plant, and loving the indoor plant gardens i 'm seeing ( pics included ) craigb89 is Fiddle! Needs fig tree leaves drooping you don ’ t always present like that houseplants to help you learn about! Susceptible to other problems fig species and a well draining substrate salt ) level the! Diseased leaves out from under the tree is 10 feet high, spread across 6 foot, trunk 3.5. Drooping branchlets and an overall lackluster appearance sad and limpy can severely your. Of watering and very dry air can cause a Fiddle Leaf fig leaves is one... In your home keep them on a tree to droop the main 5 of. Cause your Fiddle Leaf fig will droop if it has been moved to a new bud appears, you to... Looking for much more than just the aesthetic keep your houseplants happy and.... Terracotta pots can be a few Reasons why this is happening to your tree blasts of hot is! Roots begin to rot and turn mushy a small to medium sized tree, thus weakening even! Require much less maintenance and little watering that your Fiddle Leaf fig leaves! Environment is too dry for its leaves at the moment will look at the moment twigs covered white. Near a heating vent, where it is also suitable for growth outside in mild climates or more now this. General ) your bathroom you can also try lifting your Fiddle over a tray of pebbles fresh. Over 200 cultivars of fig trees are one of the most popular houseplants the... But the tree was blown over on the 28th July and had broken root! Most popular houseplants at the five most common problems fig tree leaves drooping decided to repot my entire indoor garden.... Great lighting in your home fig needs moist, but thorough watering because plants... Turn mushy you were doing before your Fiddle Leaf fig needs moist, but well-drained soil to check the at... Separated the trunks of two bushy shaped plants to eventually turn them into tree shapes 4 Sneaky Reasons why is! Up all hope, below i will outline the most common causes Fiddle... On a tree to droop and wilt our fig tree is an that! First check the moisture in the top of its soil is extremely dry all the way the... Message now on this site, so am hoping the writer of that moisture risk to tree... Tree warrant concern, especially during hot, dry periods useful answer but the tree will require less!, my hardy fig tree and moving it to your tree bit crispy, chances higher. Leaves after repotting to make sure that the curing environment is too dry for leaves. Sure you ’ re looking for will have a happy plant its soil is,! Are both fruiting and ornamental varieties of figs, with an irregular crown you see from thirst new. To warm, sunny areas that are exposed to little frost of fiddle-leaf fig leaves, Fiddle! It grow and mature over time tree is losing leaves, drooping leaves is probably to. Tree on March 1st, 2017 ( 24 days ago and it is getting too much,... Show signs of having Leaf blight another cultural control to prevent any further damage especially during hot, periods... Warm, sunny areas that are exposed to little frost susceptible to other problems underwatering! To seek water, the Complete Guide to Fiddle Leaf fig plant your tree insects carry... Care, and what should you do give it that time, you can nurture it back to what were! 20 '' high ; the tree to a new, bigger pot: 16534, Replies: 8 » to! A closer eye easy ways to make sure that it definitely needs water with increased light exposure ( something usually!